A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Created for Ryan's Lil Jam, Jan 17-19, 2020

(Note) It was everyone's first Game Jam, so given the time, this is what we were all able to accomplish. We realize the game isn't complete yet; we had a lot of fun, worked really well together, and agree that this was enjoyable and a personal success for all of us.

Team 5:
Marzmelloz - art: animated sprites for main character, etc (some not featured yet)

dnebesh - sound: (most not featured at the current state)

muppo - art: static, background, logo, items

SHaRKk - story / game designer

ctheriot - programmer

Install instructions

Builds for Windows 64-bit and Linux are included in the zipped folder. Also included are all assets and the exact Unity project that was used to create the game (on a Linux machine, running Unity 2019.2.17f1 Personal edition)


Recharge.zip 354 MB

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